Before the Home Improvements


Planning to complete some home improvement projects this Spring / Summer?  Well, you may want to check out the general condition of the house first. For example:

  • Walk around the exterior of the house and look at the condition of the roof, soffits, eaves, chimney, siding, mortar between bricks/stones, window and door exteriors, etc.  Don’t forget to check for insect habitats and bird nests which may be near or attached to the exterior walls.
  • Cut back trees and other foliage that may be too close to the house.
  • If there’s a sprinkler system, check the equipment on all the zones, as well as the backflow preventer.
  • Pull back the drapes or other window coverings to check for cracks and possible entry points for insects. Check under the window sills for gaps that need to be sealed.
  • Check the attic to see if there were any “uninvited guests” during the cold months. They may have caused some damage. 
  • Insure the air conditioner is ready for the Summer heat.

Once you’ve finished the above chores, you’ll be ready to plan those home improvement projects.

Be safe and have a great Spring and Summer.